Accessibilty Brochures and Information

Come Check out our new informational brochures on “Making Temporary Events Accessible, Access to Medical Care for Individuals with Disabilities, and our Modular Ramp Program.”

Making Temporary Events Accessible brochure includes:

• Ways to remove barriers
• Preparing Staff and Volunteers
• Vendors
• Types of disabilities to consider when preparing a local event
• Plan Early and Review Often
• List of point persons you can consider
• Accessibility checklist
Download Brochure: accessibility brochure

Access to Medical Care for Individuals with Disabilities brochure includes:

• Accessible Medical Equipment and Examination Rooms Should Include
• Commonly Asked Questions
• How to communication with patients who have vison, hearing, speak or cognitive delays
• Both Title II and Title III of the ADA and Section 504 requirements
Download Brochure: medical health care accessibility

Modular Ramp Program brochure includes:

• Additional Accessibility Resources
• Purpose of the Ramp Program at FLIC
• Income eligibility and basic program guidelines
Download Brochure: ramp program brochure 2019