Educational Outreach


  • Living with a disability
  • Disability etiquette – how to interact with people with disabilities
  • Moving beyond myths and stereotypes
  • How to welcome people with disabilities into your life, business, or organization
  • Working with students or children with disabilities
  • Assistive equipment, service animals and independence
  • Accessibility and universal design
  • Americans with Disabilities Act and employment transportation public accommodations telecommunications
  • The Independent Living Movement
  • American Sign Language or Braille

Why is disability outreach so important?

Because it fosters the inclusion of people with disabilities into all aspects of society, and the benefits of this are mutual:

People with disabilities have more options and people without disabilities benefit from the experience of a more diverse society.

Outreach Staff members can:

  • Describe kinds of disabilities
  • Share personal experiences about living with a disability
  • Discuss appropriate language to describe disability
  • Facilitate a role-play about interacting with or offering assistance to a person with a disability
  • Take part in small group or panel discussions about disability rights and diversity
  • Demonstrate assistive equipment or American Sign Language

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Our message to adults:

“People with disabilities are all around – we are your neighbors, friends, family members, employees, employers, consumers, and advisors. Include us!”

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