Ramp Program

Finger Lakes Independence Center Ramp Program – For Residents of Tompkins County


Do you need a ramp for yourself or someone in your household, to be able to get in and out of your house?

For people who are income eligible, FLIC can provide and install a temporary Modular Aluminum Ramp system.

If you, or someone you know, needs a ramp to safely enter and exit your home, let us help! Call us at 272-2433 and we will help you fill out the necessary paperwork over the phone. Or download the Initial Request form below, fill it out, and email it to info@fliconline.org or snail mail it to us. After we’ve received a completed Initial Request, we will put you on our list to receive the next available ramp.

Do you have a modular ramp that you know longer need and want to donate it to FLIC for someone else who needs one? FLIC will deconstruct and take away your unneeded ramp, to be used by others who are eligible for this service.


Income Limits

Income Eligibility

Initial Request