29th Annual Mental Health Conference

Recordings and Resources

29th Annual Mental Health Conference:
Women+ Mental Health
Experiences of Cis Women, Trans Women, Femmes and
Anyone Assigned Female at Birth

Friday, November 17th ~ 9:00 am to 4:00 pm ~ via Zoom

Below you will find a link to the recording of the conference on YouTube and an outline of the agenda and presenters. This conference was planned and hosted by a steering committee consisiting of: Tiffany Bloss, Suicide Prevention & Crisis Intervention Services; Melanie Little, Mental Health Association; Libby Demarest, Family & Children Services; Larry Roberts, Tompkins County Mental Health Subcommittee and Finger Lakes Independence Center Board; Caryn Bullis, Tompkins County Office for the Aging; and Teressa Sivers, Finger Lakes Independence Center.
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Agenda with Panelists

Click this link to view the recording of the conference:

9:00 AM   Women+ Experiences and Stories
Three women+ share their lived experience with access to mental health and physical health services
Facilitated by Teressa Sivers

10:45 AM Experiences of Mental Health Care Provider
Stephanie Zuber, Dalya Tamir, Pat Karr Segal, Leslie Bode
Facilitated by Libby Demarest
Materials mentioned during session:
The Breathe Network https://www.thebreathenetwork.org/
Snowy Lajoie Nature Therapy https://www.wolftreewildernesstherapy.com/

12:30 PM The Intersection of Physical and Mental health
Darcie Black, Allison Macon, Tiffany Brown, Laura Mac Carald
Facilitated by Teressa Sivers
Materials mentioned during session:
The Body is Not An Apology https://www.sonyareneetaylor.com/books/the-body-is-not-an-apology-the-power-of-radical-self-love-h2x6p

1:45 PM Gender Socialization and Its Effects on Mental Health
Drew Aliyah Valentine, Mary Bentley, Libby Demarest
Facilitated by Teressa Sivers
Drew shared the following:
*speaking for themself and not on behalf of Cornell University
Tricia Hersey (The Nap Ministry) http://www.triciahersey.com/
Project LETS https://projectlets.org/

3:00 PM Book Talk
Tompkins County Public Library