Walking Loops

Please join the Finger Lakes Independence Center, the Human Services Coalition’s Health Planning Council and Cornell Design and Environmental Analysis students for the following presentation via zoom:

Senior Walking Loops for Age-Friendly Tompkins
Monday, May 3

Description: Maintaining a healthy lifestyle including frequent walking trips can help older adults stay healthy and feel part of the community. There are previous and ongoing efforts to map the community and identify gaps but no comprehensive assessment is currently known or available. Our focus is on low-income senior housing in Tompkins County. Due to the vast number of locations in the county, we narrowed our efforts to Titus Towers Apartments, Ellis Hollow Apartments, and Newfield Garden Apartments. These three locations fall into three different types of communities: urban, suburban, and rural. Our objective was to create a map with senior citizen-friendly walking loops for each of the three locations identified as well as to develop an assessment tool and process for other people to replicate or apply to existing walking loops. This presentation will share the maps created, as well as the process to develop maps for other locations and an assessment tool to identify if existing walking loops are age-friendly.

To register, email Teri@fliconline.org

Presenter Bios:
Frederick Horowitz: When prompted, Fred says his professional domain is “Healthcare Hospitality”. His eclectic experience pool is an amalgamation of F&B, teaching, administrative work, and management consulting across three continents. He describes himself as a “generalist” because he knows the query will pull a compelling HBR article. Without such a crutch, Fred ties together his experiences as an interest in advocacy with an underlying moral compass driven by service and pursuit of excellence – instilled growing up helping in his parents’ medical practice. He believes in the “Curb-Cut Effect” that nuanced, targeted quality improvements provide benefit for all stakeholders. Fred currently is searching for opportunities as an internal consultant on patient/client experiences in hospitals or senior living facilities.

Sang-o Kim: Sang-O (Alex) Kim’s research interest focuses on the intersection of urban mobility and the built environment. In particular, he is interested in examining how the retirement of baby-boomers, the very generation whose work and life shaped our current urban landscape, would affect the future distribution of travel patterns and residential locations in communities, cities, and regions. Ultimately, he wishes to become a research-oriented scholar investigating how cities and civic institutions could better prepare themselves for the novel challenges of an aging society. Before joining City and Regional Planning at Cornell University, he gained various work experiences ranging from public diplomacy in Austria, interior design in South Korea, and local government in California. He received his bachelor’s degree in geography from King’s College London (UK) and received a master of urban planning from the University of Southern California.

Lee Brunco: Lee Brunco is a design student in the Design and Environmental Analysis program at Cornell University. Her field of study is human factors and accessible design, with a strong focus on neuro-inclusivity. Professional interests also include sustainability and the creation of meaningful and ethical design solutions. The majority of her experience is in small-scale interventions, with decisions driven by the concepts of universal design. They see design as a public service that has a duty to improve the user experience and quality of life. She was drawn to this project due to her experiences with active transportation (primarily walking and biking) in a variety of different contexts from living in California, Belgium, Oregon, and upstate New York and hopes to help create a healthier, friendlier, and more accessible community.