Employment Services

In Fall 2015, FLIC joined the American Dream Employment Network (ADEN); the first national administrative Employment Network providing face-to-face services to individuals receiving Social Security Administration (SSA) disability benefits under the Ticket to Work program.

Social Security Beneficiaries, ages 18-64, are eligible to participate in the Ticket to Work program. Beneficiaries assigning their Ticket to FLIC are receiving assistance to secure employment that can help them reach their occupational and financial goals. Assigning your Ticket is voluntary and there is no fee to assign your Ticket. There is no risk involved, only benefits to participating in Ticket to Work. As an ADEN Member, we can provide:

  • Career counseling
  • Job search supports
  • Social Security Work Incentives Advisement
  • Financial Wellness Resources
  • Long-term Supports

Our ADEN Ticket Specialist, Rachel Ferrara, can work with you to discover if you have a Ticket available, and will also discuss with you further about the Ticket program to see if you are interested in receiving these supports – the choice is completely yours.  Learn more today by scheduling a time to meet with Rachel.

To read and hear about success stories of people on disability benefits improving their financial situation, visit www.choosework.net.

Contact Rachel for more information