Systems Advocacy

Are you a person with a disability?
Does someone you know have a disability?
Are you concerned about disability rights?

Then we need your support.
Join the FLIC Systems Advocacy Team.
Your participation, along with many others, will make a difference!

What is systems advocacy?
Influencing and changing legislation, public policy and practices in ways that will
benefit people with physical, sensory, psychiatric and developmental disabilities as a group within society.

What are the goals?
Improving the quality of life for all people with disabilities and their families.
Removing barriers and opposing all forms of systemic segregation.
Promoting full community integration and equal participation in every aspect of society.

What are the priority issues?
Health Care
Civil Rights
Election Reform

What is the FLIC Systems Advocacy Team?
A network of local volunteers dedicated to making change through
advocacy and action on behalf of people with disabilities.
Part of the larger Statewide Systems Advocacy Network (SSAN)
funded and supported by the NY Association on Independent Living.

What do Systems Advocacy Team members do?
Receive periodic email Action Alerts that indicate pressing disability related issues and urge recipients to take action.
Call, write, email or fax elected representatives.
Communicate one’s views for the purpose of policy and social change.