We can work with individuals and organizations to educate them about their rights and responsibilities and work with them to achieve a solution.

Information & Referral
Ask Us! about adaptive equipment, accessible housing, advocacy, sign language interpreters, and a variety of other disability issues. If we don't know, we may know someone who does know.

Peer Counseling
A chance to meet and talk with a person with a similar disability. Together we can explore any issues that interest you. You will make your own decisions regarding your independence.

Benefits Advisement
We can assist you with any questions you may have about eligibility requirements, procedures, and benefits of Social Services (Medicare, Physically Handicapped Children's program, Medicaid); Social Security (SSI and SSDI).

Accessibility Consultations
We can visit your home, school, business, public building, etc., to make suggestions for making the building accessible. We can also review architectural plans prior to construction.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
This is an important civil rights legislation for people with disabilities. Call us if we can help you with issues or training.

Independent Living Skills
We can help you develop skills such as adaptive cooking, self-advocacy, adaptive homemaking, budgeting or other skills you may need.

Library and Loan Closet
FLIC has a library of books, videotapes, periodicals, catalogs and other materials. Our loan closet has various adaptive equipment for short term loan. Some of the things we have include wheelchairs, crutches, portable ramps, PockeTalkers, and TTYs. A refundable deposit is required for borrowed items. Also FLIC has an electronic magnifier which is available for use in the Center.

Student Services
The student services coordinator is available to work with students transitioning out of high school into the adult world. Services may include information on post-school options, assistance in exploring options, self-advocacy skills, independent living skills, education on the rights of individuals with disabilities. Call Amy Jo for information at 272-2433.

Support Groups
FLIC offers free, accessible space for support groups and encourages new support groups to form. For information on current support groups, call FLIC at (607) 272-2433 Voice/TTY.

Community Education & Outreach (Link)
FLIC offers free community outreach speakers, workshops, and trainings, to develop an awareness about people with disabilities and disability issues.

In-home Personal Care options

FLIC has the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program available for people that have Medicaid in Tompkins and Tioga Counties, Total Care or Fidelis.  We also have

Expanded In-home Services for the Elderly (EISEP), for people 60 years old or older that live in Tompkins County and need non-medical, in-home services.  This Link will take you to the list of payroll dates for CDPAP.  This program is available to people that are income eligible but not Medicaid eligible.  The Registry program is a self-pay, in-home care program where we match you based on your need with someone that can fill that need. Call FLIC at 272-2433 for more informationa about any of our programs.


Additional Services

  • Sign Language Interpreter Referrals
    Need an interpreter? Call us. Plan at least two weeks in advance if you can.

  • American Sign Language Classes
    Beginning classes offered every fall and spring. Intermediate classes offered as needed.