Our Resource Room

In 2004-2005, grant funding allowed FLIC to add $10,000.00 of additional assistive equipment to its lending inventory. Now, in addition to its wide selection of devices and equipment for persons with mobility, vision or hearing impairments, FLIC has a variety of other types of assistive devices for use in and outside the home to enhance the quality of life of persons with disabilities and, in some instances, that will help people stay safely at home longer.

The "Please Try It Room"

We invite you to visit the Please Try It Room at FLIC and look over the equipment and decide what might be helpful for your situation. You are then welcome to borrow for a trial period any items which you would like to try out before making a decision whether to purchase them. Although FLIC does not sell assistive devices, FLIC staff can help you identify how you can acquire devices or equipment you might want.

Assistance Available to You

In addition to the assistive equipment itself, the following assistance is available to you at FLIC:

  • Temporary Loan of assistive devices for a trial period
  • Catalogs from companies that sell assistive devices which you can peruse at FLIC or take home.
  • Books which you can review or borrow describing modifications that can be made around the home to make things easier for those with physical limitations, including some ideas for easy, do-it-yourself adaptations.
  • Staff assistance in exploring the equipment in the Please Try It Room and discussing how to obtain desired equipment. Staff may also be helpful in directing you to other professionals in the community when additional consultation could be beneficial.
  • Accessibility consultations. Removing architectural barriers is important. Removing barriers and obstacles in a home can assist a person to live more independently. The Barrier Free Consultant at the Finger Lakes Independence Center can offer advice and assistance to individuals for making their home accessible.
  • Modular ramping systems are available for loan to indivduals who need them. These ramps meet all requirements but are meant only as a temporary solution while awaiting a permanent solution to access to one's home. 

Group Presentations

A traveling exhibit of assistive devices can be shown to any interested community group by FLIC staff, or by an instructor or graduates student from the Occupational Therapy Department at Ithaca College. Any of the items being exhibited can be borrowed by those in attendance.
Call FLIC, (607) 272-2433, to discuss and schedule a presentation.