How Do I Find and Pay for Assistive Equipment?

Therapy can be done in the hospital, in a therapy clinic, or at home.

What is the Medicare coverage for occupational therapy?
If you need therapy when you are a patient in the hospital, the therapy is part of the total bill and is covered by Medicare Part A. Medicare pays the hospital a specific rate based on your medical problem. You are responsible for the deductible.

Medicare Part B pays for outpatient services, including occupational therapy provided at a hospital outpatient clinic or independent clinic. Medicare Part A pays for occupational therapy given as part of home health care, when it is medically necessary. A doctor must order occupational therapy for it to be paid for by Medicare

Outpatient occupational therapy may treat individuals that have limitations as a result of stroke, arthritis, burns, fractures, trauma, work or sport injuries, cancer, birth defects, as well as other acute or chronic medical conditions that effect ones ability to perform functional activities.

Medicare and insurance will only pay for O.T. that it deems medically necessary. In some instances, private pay arrangements must be made.


Outpatient Occupational Therapy Clinic:

Cayuga Medical Center-call the scheduling office at 274-4227


Occupational Therapists in Private Practice:

Call the Finger Lakes Independence Center, 272-2433, for a list of occupational therapists