Deaf Services

We at the Finger Lakes Independence Center have more than one staff member who is able to communicate in American Sign Language (ASL). We advocate for Deaf rights and encourage self-advocacy and independence. We educate the community regarding hiring interpreters and make referrals to interpreting agencies. We offer American Sign Language Classes taught by native users of ASL.

We make our videophone available for use by people who use sign language to communicate and have computers in a public area that anyone in the community is welcome to come in and use.

We loan out equipment that may benefit the Deaf such as: fire alarms and alarm clocks (that flash and/or shake the bed), flashers that indicate the phone is ringing or someone is knocking on the door, TTYs, and Captel phones for hard of hearing (shows captions of everything the caller says). We also loan out DVDs, VHS tapes, books and games about sign language and Deaf Culture.

Contact AmyJo for more information

An image showing the American Sign Language alphabet, letters A-Z with hand signs.